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The original idea
All this actually began back on the Christmas of 2007 when Ystalyfera Development Trust held its annual Christmas event. As part of that event there was a Christmas wishing tree for people to hang their wishes on. A wish for the park to be improved was hung on the tree and so believe it or not, wishes can come true. After some initial background work, an idea was put together for how the park could be brought back into regular use.

In September 2008, the Development Trust called together a public meeting for local residents at Godre'r Graig School. The meeting was well attended by nearly 100 residents and the idea was presented to them. There was a unanimous approval for the proposal and so over the next few months more meetings were held to agree a constitution and in February 2009 Godre'r Graig Community Association (GCA) was established.

It took some time to sort through the red tape and get the correct approvals for GCA to begin work in the park. Getting the lease for the park was the most problematic, but thankfully the Community Council stepped in and signed the lease on behalf of GCA.

GCA is a committee formed by local people and is open to everyone from the local and surrounding area. We are always happy to have new people join us and its a fantastic way to feel part of the community. 

There has been a need for some changes to the original proposal, especially in the timescales, but we live and learn! Even so, the heart and purpose of the project remains so we include it here as a means of recording the origins of this growing project. The original proposal for Godre'r graig park

By Godre'r Graig Community Association
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