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Youth Forum

     "You have to be unique, and different,
and shine in your own way." 
      "And now, I'm just trying to change the world,
one sequin at a time." 
  — Lady Gaga

We couldn't have said it better ourselves :)

We want the youth forum to be something that really counts. GCA believes that the young people in our community should have the chance to make a positive mark in the park. We need that bright fresh look that young people can bring, to make the park into something that's more than just a park.

I know! You've probably heard all this kind of stuff before, someone offering you the chance to do something that seems too good to be true and from experience you're probably thinking:

     "What's the point of getting involved?.... 
..... no one will actually listen to the stuff we want.....
.....anyway, I've not got the time"

Well, lets answer some of those and see if you still feel the same way.

The point of getting involved is that you really can make stuff happen in the park. First of all you get the chance to develop an idea, work with others in a team to try and figure out 'if' and 'how' it could be done and then you get a whole group of people around you helping to make it happen. That's what is so great - you don't have to know all the answers because there are other people around to help solve problems and find things out. You want to spend a night in a Tee Pee? OK lets see what we can do...

Now then, that second point...what was it? Ah yes, Nobody listening. Well lets face it, we've all been guilty of that some time or other, you know.... kind of tuning out when someone else is talking. But look at it this way, if you never come forward and say what you want then you really do have zero chance of having someone pay attention to your ideas.

The youth forum is an important part of the park project that has still to find a voice. By that I mean we don't have one... a youth forum that is. On the plus side that gives you the chance to be at the very beginning of this group and make of it what you will.

Whatever we do in the park, it needs to fit in with things like planning conditions, the rules of the lease and stuff like that. But if you're happy to talk things over and find a way around things, you might be surprised at just how much you can achieve. That means seeing your ideas turn from that sudden spark of inspiration into something real that everyone can enjoy.

As for whether you've got the time? ......Well, I guess that's for you to decide. We all have different things that pull for our attention and sometimes when we have a spare moment we just want it to ourselves. All I can say is that we've had some good laughs on GCA, a few bumps as well to be fair, but overall the buzz we get when a plan comes together is something else.

So..... have you got any ideas? 
Do you want some form of shelter in the park?..... what about seats or benches? where do you think we should put them? Have you got a sketch of something you'd love to see transformed into a scultpture in the park?

If any of this appeals to you or you just want to ask a question to find out more, then please drop us a line through the guestbook or contact us form. You can also follow us and leave messages on facebook.

We hope to hear from you soon.

By Godre'r Graig Community Association
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