Godre'r Graig Park

Arts and Features

We are now pleased to let you know that there is seating in the park.  We now have a picnic area with easy access picnic tables.  There is a double sided seat that enables you to either enjoy the peace and solitude of the pond, or to watch the events going on in the bottom meadow.  There are also a couple of small benches for those that find the ground a bit too far down to sit on, great for watching the events in the park.  We have the two benches installed on the main access path, great for just taking in the beautiful surrounding or having a well earned breather on the way up to the main gates.

Our notice board is now very accessible by anyone passing the park, the monthly newsletter will be displayed to keep everyone up to date.  It also gives us the opportunity to post forthcoming notices of events going on in the park.

I am sure you have all noticed the completed frontage to the park, including the creative work carried out by the local children and adults, have you spotted your piece yet?  What a difference it  makes the the drive/walk past, now you know there is something interesting beyond the gates

We are very grateful for the funding from WREN that paid for this furniture
and much of the work that has been carried out in the park.

The willow tunnels are now growing nicely and do a lot to reduce the starkness of the wooden structure that leads you down to the pond.  We also have a willow bed where we are growing willow that can be harvested and used in the park.  Maybe Reg, Chair of the Volunteers, will be using it to help construct his wigwam.

We are currently planning on creating interactive wooden instruments and structures that the younger generation will find fascinating, and maybe a few adults as well!

The park in its heyday had a number of different things in it including swings, tennis court and a pavilion. Our lease does not give us the power to return the park to its former glory, but we do have the chance to install some items that will add extra interest or even just be functional.

For this group, imagination is key. The group has a role to plan sculptures, benches and other physical things that can be installed in the park for people to enjoy. The pictures shown are not in Godre'r Graig Park (...yet!) but help to show what could be done.

More details on the formal role of the Arts and Features group is contained in the development plan

To date this group has been working on a fantastic new entrance to the park with a wonderful oak wood sculpture that will contain all the tiles made by the local community in a workshop run early in 2011. In conjunction with the environment and conservation group, they also helped get a tutor in for a day to teach people how to make a living willow tunnel. Two of these tunnels were created in the park which add interest, but also provide food for rare moths and butterflies.

Currently the group is working to see if we can have an outdoor theatre space. While volunteers were clearing out some of the Rhododendron, it revealed a large bowl shaped depression in one of the slopes in the woodland. The shape would be perfect for putting in bench type seating to create our own little amphitheatre. This space can then be used for our spooky Halloween stories in the Autumn, drumming circles or any other kind of public entertainment.

We need some design ideas for seating, ideas for community art events and so much more. So if arts and crafts is your thing, why not join us to help generate some more ideas or even tutor a workshop yourself?

By Godre'r Graig Community Association
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