Godre'r Graig Park

About the Park and GCA

Godre'r Graig Community Association (GCA) was formed in February 2009 following a number of public meetings started by Ystalyfera Development Trust in 2008.

The Trust had identified that the local community of Godre'r Graig wanted to see the old overgrown park restored for community use. After bringing the community together, GCA was formed as a committee to discuss what could be done, make plans and work towards making the park usable again.

The formal role of the GCA committee is described in the development plan.

To be able to do this a number of sub groups were set up to develop ideas and get input from the community:
To date, the heritage group has been the most successful, but we are still looking for more people to come forward so we can get the other groups off the ground, especially for the youth forum to make sure young people have their say about what they want in the park.

What do the groups do?
The idea of the groups is to give the community a chance to influence what happens in the park. The groups are friendly and are all made up of local people (maybe even your neighbours). They only meet now and again to invent ideas for future events or volunteer days and to suggest things that could be done with the park. You can come to as many or as few of the meetings as you like. It's all very informal and no experience is necessary. You can come to just listen, suggest things or join in discussions. A member of the main GCA committee sits in on these meetings to make sure your suggestions and ideas go forward for the committee to consider and act upon. More details on what each group specifically does can be found by clicking on the links above or from the menu to the left of the screen.

The diagram below shows the relationship between the different sub groups and the main GCA committee

Talk becomes ACTION!
Everything that has happened in the park so far has started from a suggestion within one of the sub groups or in the committee meetings. Its great when you see something that started as a simple suggestion become real! So what do you have to lose? Come join the party!

If you'd like to join us, please use the guestbook to let us know.

By Godre'r Graig Community Association
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